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Densification: Power & Cooling

By John Peterson | Nov 09, 2018

Another option that continues to grow year-over-year is not going up or out at all, but solving the need for more compute by increasing IT density. The computing power density has risen from 5 kW per rack a decade ago to an average closer to 15 kW per rack for today’s new data centers. The […]
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Land: A Shrinking Resource?

By John Peterson | Sep 04, 2018

The amount of land available to us is finite and we need to carefully manage how the land is deployed for the many things around us. This has led to the development of land use plans for cities across the U.S., and with the explosion of data this now includes adjustments for more land devoted […]
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Waste Heat Reuse

By John Peterson | Aug 25, 2018

Servers have a wide range of energy use, depending on traditional use or specialized for applications, with a typical server using around 350 watts of power.  This average server also produces about 1,200 BTUs of heat every hour and for years many of us have aimed at capturing and reusing this heat.  With potentially 50 servers or more in a rack, this […]
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Smart Data Centers

By John Peterson | Jul 02, 2018

As we collect more and more data about everything around us, smarter cities and facilities are developing to operate in more efficient and reliable ways.  The same can be done for data centers, as the massive amount of data can be leveraged to reduce risk while striving to optimize how the many data center systems […]
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Energy Codes & Standards

By John Peterson | May 03, 2018

In the United States there are two main documents that pertain to energy.  The main one is the model code International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), developed by the International Code Council.  47 states have adopted it, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The other is Standard 90.1, […]
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Location by Incentives

By John Peterson | Apr 03, 2018

A lot of people wonder why data centers aren’t built only at the arctic and antarctic circles to take advantage of year-round free cooling.  The answer, in a word, is incentives.  When looking more indepth, a few words behind that are taxes and power costs. The cost of power is one of the strongest reasons behind […]
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Take Advantage of DCIM

By John Peterson | Mar 06, 2018

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools have had a number of approaches to save data center managers time, money and uptime.  While the different tools have come from different directions in the industry, such as facilities or communications, the tools themselves are all performing well when used as intended.  Managing assets, capacity, change, power, energy, and […]
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Water Issues of the Southwest USA

By John Peterson | Mar 03, 2018

It seems that there are reports about the dire water conditions of the Southwest United States at least once a month.  Each state is vying for more water use to support their agriculture, domestic, and power needs.  Water levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell have dropped enormously and evidence of this can be readily seen […]
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Purge those Unused Servers

By John Peterson | Feb 03, 2018

In many data centers the motto is to leave servers where they are until the owner or manager of it requests a change.  This is a common practice of supporting processes and applications with dedicated, unvirtualized servers that may or may not be performing work. Then, add to this that most IT groups and data […]
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Liquid Cooling Definitions

By John Peterson | Jan 03, 2018

The majority of the industry understands that liquids are used in some or most of the cooling process for most data centers.  However there has been some misunderstandings about what is actually liquid cooled.  ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers) released the second edition of Liquid Cooling Guidelines for Datacom Equipment […]
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