UPS considerations

By John Peterson | Feb 25, 2022

The UPS depends greatly on what protection your enterprise needs for given applications.  The UPS configuration may already be set, such as static or rotary.  The minimum about of ride-through time can set a number of expectations for some quick decisions about the type and size of the UPS.  If the UPS only needs to […]
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PDU Considerations

By John Peterson | Feb 18, 2022

To begin, power distribution units are devices fitted with many outlets to distribute power to servers, storage devices, and network equipment located within racks in a data center.  Stable, reliable power is part of the base expectations for a PDU.  PDUs can be intelligent, with an array of options to choose from, or non-intelligent for […]
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Custom Servers & Storage

By John Peterson | Feb 11, 2022

There are more product lines than ever, but having the in-house expertise to ensure your needs is crucial to ensuring that a server solution will not just suffice, but excel.  For some it may have started out as a chassis manufacturer and developing along with the needs of the customer.  Product portfolios expand, with the […]
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5G and the New Data Centers to Support

By John Peterson | Feb 04, 2022

The term data centers has had broad meaning in the past depending on who you ask for a definition.  With the advent of virtualization and software-centric configurations, along with the cloud, the data center is much more amorphous despite the need to still centralize with massive data center facilities.  In more cases the distributed/edge data […]
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Emerging Water Technology Symposium

By John Peterson | Jan 28, 2022 The emerging water technology symposium meets biennially with industry experts discussing the many water-related industries via presentations and panel discussions.  The symposium includes leaders from manufacturing, government, engineering, labor, academia, and water efficiency.  Themes include health, safety, and resiliency of plumbing systems around the world.  There are controversial changes to water efficiency standards in […]
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Leak Detection

By John Peterson | Jan 21, 2022

No, piping systems are not designed to leak.  There is no intention for having planned failures at any point along the systems.  However, water damage from plumbing failures continues to escalate at a troubling rate across all industries, including for data centers.  Failing fittings, fixtures, and water-fed equipment are the main problems seen for most, […]
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Data Center Space Planning

By John Peterson | Jan 14, 2022

Your efforts on planning space utilization should come from the start of the project.  Many IT planners might have something in mind, with arrangements based on configurations they are used to supporting as well as upcoming deployments.  There are plenty of obstacles and pitfalls that can trip up the process as well as after you’ve […]
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Uneasy Shift of Constructing Toward Sustainability

By John Peterson | Jan 07, 2022

In a lot of cases green building articles are preaching similar stories to those already involved or ‘converted’ to reduce climate impact.  After initiating this more than a decade ago, the once empty feeling room has swollen so that now most companies are going full-in on sustainable, low-carbon, energy efficient data centers, whether theirs or […]
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Sustainability: An Ethical Decision

By John Peterson | Jan 03, 2022

Company growth and transformation plans happen every year, with the goal to focus, guide, and direct the business for the coming years.  Among these is often the issue of ethics and another is sustainability; it should come as no surprise that these should be linked and reinforced as company priorities every year.  And no matter […]
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Artificial Intelligence snapshot

By John Peterson | Dec 21, 2021

Artificial Intelligence has become what everyone talks about and not everyone understands. When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, people already believe that it is something that works for everything, that in a short time there will be humanoid robots everywhere and that we will have to be careful, because in the future it may make […]
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